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    General Information

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions shall govern all orders placed by customer and accepted by John Laurence Furniture on its order confirmation.

Price List

All prices herein are effective with the date printed on the cover and are list, F.O.B. the John Laurence Furniture factory. Prices shown cover standard product only and additional charges will be applied for changes to standard product. Prices do not include shipping charges, storage or insurance charges, sales and other taxes, local delivery, packaging, crating, uncrating, or installation charges .

Credit and Payment Terms

Unless credit has been established with John Laurence Furniture, terms will be payment in full or deposit with order and the balance in full prior to shipment. Receipt of order with payment in full does not bind John Laurence Furniture to accept an order. Credit may be established upon acceptance of satisfactory references, including the completion and signing of John Laurence Furniture Account Information Form.

If John Laurence Furniture takes any action to collect any amount due from the customer, the customer will be liable for all collection costs, including attorney’s fees, whether or not a lawsuit is filed. In the event payment is not received when due, all overdue accounts will be subject to a finance charge at the rate of 1% per month on the unpaid balance.

John Laurence Furniture may cancel or change credit terms at its discretion and request advance payment at any time.

Order Entry

Telephone orders must be confirmed by a Purchase Order. Acknowledgment and final scheduling of a telephone order will be issued only after receipt of a valid Purchase Order.

To be entered into production, all orders must include the following, as applicable: Quantity, Product Number, Dimensions, Finish, Options Desired, and Shipping Information.

John Laurence Furniture attempts to clarify all purchase orders, if there is any confusion. However, in the event the product number and description differ, the product number will prevail.

Order Confirmation

All orders are subject to final acceptance at the John Laurence Furniture factory in Downey, California. The Order Confirmation is the exclusive statement and final expression of the agreement between the customer and John Laurence Furniture . No order is binding John Laurence Furniture until the Order Confirmation is delivered. The Order Confirmation can be modified only in writing from John Laurence Furniture or by a revised Order Confirmation from John Laurence Furniture.

Change Orders

Requests for change orders should be in writing and will be subject to John Laurence Furniture’s ability to make those changes. There may be additional charges for material, labor and administrative costs.


Orders may not be canceled by the customer without the written consent of John Laurence Furniture. Where cancellations are possible, a cancellation charge will be required for up to the total amount of the order .


No merchandise may be returned to John Laurence Furniture without John Laurence Furniture’s prior written consent and any returns must be in accordance with John Laurence Furniture’s shipping instructions. Returns for reasons other than valid warranty claims will be subject to shipment and handling charges.

Custom Designs

John Laurence is prepared to build designs to your specific needs. We are delighted to compete in design standardization programs or on major custom design projects. Our product designer is available to visit your offices to collaborate in the design of new products or to customize our own designs to your specific requirements. Please consult with your representative for additional information.


John Laurence Furniture merchandise is manufactured in accordance with John Laurence Furniture’s high standards and is warranted by John Laurence Furniture to be free from original defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of four (4) years from the date of manufacture of the merchandise. Covering material is specifically EXCLUDED from this warranty. Because of natural variations over which John Laurence Furniture has no control, this warranty does not extend to color, grain, or texture of wood or leather, and John Laurence Furniture does not warranty matching of color, grain or texture.

This warranty extends to the original John Laurence Furniture customer only. During the warranty period John Laurence Furniture may, at its option, repair or replace, at no charge, merchandise proven to be defective. Merchandise shall not be construed to be defective until John Laurence Furniture has had a reasonable time to inspect and notify the customer in writing of its determination as to cause of failure.

This warranty does not cover damage resulting from misuse, abuse, negligence or alteration. John Laurence Furniture shall not be liable for any special, consequential, or incidental damages, including any such damages for negligence arising out of the goods. THIS WARRANTY IS EXPRESSLY IN LIEU OF ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY SUCH WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. ANY SUCH IMPLIED WARRANTIES ARE HEREBY DISCLAIMED.

In order to effectuate service under this warranty, within the warranty period, purchaser shall, at its sole expense, deliver any nonconforming goods to the John Laurence Furniture original consignee. John Laurence Furniture shall pay the cost of transportation of the nonconforming goods between the original consignee and John Laurence Furniture exclusive of repacking costs.


Warranty Claims

It is the responsibility of the consignee to unwrap and inspect all merchandise before signing the straight bill of lading, and if needed noting any damage, factory defects, errors or shortage. If any exceptions are made the customer must notify the John Laurence Furniture repair department immediately, following up with a written notification within 5 days of receipt of merchandise. Failure to make claim against John Laurence Furniture within 5 days will constitute acceptance of merchandise and waiver of any defects, errors or shortages ascertained upon inspection. Do not refuse damage merchandise but take exceptions on the bill of lading which will free you of any costs for repair or replacement.


Unless complete instructions are stipulated as to route and method of shipping, John Laurence Furniture will select in its opinion, the best way. John Laurence Furniture may await completion of the entire order and ship all at once, or may make partial shipments from time to time at its sole discretion. While every attempt is made to forecast accurate shipping dates, these dates are estimates, and are not guaranteed delivery commitments. John Laurence Furniture is not liable for any delay of sources of supply, transportation difficulties, accidents, fires, acts of God, or other causes of like or unlike nature beyond John Laurence Furniture’s control.

All John Laurence Furniture shipments are made on a dock-to-dock basis, or a sidewalk delivery. If the ship-to is in an area not serviced by padded van lines, or is a private residence, the order must be specially cartoned and shipped freight-collect common carrier. Packing charges will be added to the invoice and will be reflected in the unit cost of the item.

John Laurence Furniture cannot guarantee that space will be available for storage of completed orders. Completed orders held more than five working days past the acknowledged shipping date for the convenience of the customer will be invoiced and subject to additional storage charges.

Freight Damage Claims

John Laurence Furniture is not responsible for damage incurred in transit or in storage. It is the responsibility of the consignee to UNWRAP and INSPECT ALL MERCHANDISE BEFORE SIGNING straight bill of lading. DO NOT REFUSE DAMAGED MERCHANDISE, but take exceptions on straight bill of lading which will free you of any costs for repair or replacement.

All freight claims must be filled immediately and directly with the delivery carrier.

The delivery carrier reserves the right to have merchandise inspected on-site at the original consignee location BEFORE ANY REPAIRS CAN BE MADE. Immediate notification of damage is a MUST. Inspection and repair estimates will be made within 72 hours after claim is filed with delivering carrier, and disposition will be determined as soon as possible.

If assistance with claims is needed, you may contact the John Laurence Furniture shipping department, or repair department at (562) 803-9740.

Shipment Common Carrier Claims

All merchandise is shipped to comply with carrier requirements. All shipments must be carefully inspected by the consignee before acceptance and the delivering carrier should be requested to record any damage or shortage. Neither John Laurence Furniture or the carrier will be responsible for concealed damage claims if shipments are left unopened. If further damage is found after delivery immediate inspection by the delivery carrier should be requested. Notification of concealed damage must be made to the carrier within 15 days after delivery of merchandise. Carrier liability ceases after 15 days. After obtaining a clear receipt for shipment, John Laurence Furniture and the delivering carrier are no longer responsible for damage or shortage. Customer will be invoiced and subject to additional storage charges.

Materials and Finishes

John Laurence Furniture uses deep penetrating stains that are hand applied and shaded. A satin sheen topcoat is applied to achieve a medium lacquered effect for durability and depth of color.

Standard Wood Finishes

Wood Code
  Natural   NO
    Medium   MO
    Natural   NC
    Honey   HC
    Deep   DC
    Natural   NM
    Golden   GM
    Medium   MM
    Natural   NW
    Mahogany   MW
    Dark   DW

Special or Matched Finishes

Because of variations caused by nature, over which the company has no control, John Laurence Furniture cannot warrant color, grain or texture of wood.

John Laurence Furniture will provide quotation for special or matched finishes upon receipt of sample.

Fabric - COM / COL

John Laurence Furniture will provide specific fabric or yardage information at any time. For quotation, please submit the following information:

  1. Furniture product number and quantity.
  2. Textile width.
  3. Pattern repeat.
  4. Specify railroad or non-railroad application of textiles.
  5. Include a sample cutting of actual COM. Submit a 3”x 3” sample if COM is plain. If COM has a repeat, the sample must be large enough to show the repeat.
  6. Indicate “side out” on reversible textiles.
  7. COL - To be estimated square footage required when ordering leather, multiply yardage requirement by 17. Example: 6 yards x 17 = 102 square feet.

This written request must also accompany the COM purchase order. The factory will not begin production of an order if written instructions are not included with the order.

John Laurence Furniture reserves the right of preliminary approval for all COM prior to order acceptance. Even after such preliminary approval, John Laurence Furniture reserves the right to reject COM including, if necessary, the item intended for use with COM. When COM is accepted, John Laurence Furniture assumes no responsibility for its appearance, durability, color fastness, or any other quality after upholstered on a John Laurence Furniture product.

All COM must be shipped prepaid to the factory. Collect shipments will be refused. Material must be labeled with purchaser name, purchase order number, and product number of product to which it is to be applied. Orders with COM products are not scheduled for production until all material is received. If partial entry of order is desired, indicate on purchase order, or order standard products and COM products on separate purchase orders.

Ship COM / COL to:

John Laurence Furniture
7711 Amigos Ave., Ste A
Downey, CA 90242

California Technical bulletin 133

A fire test for seating furniture in public buildings became effective March 1, 1992.

The bulletin requires specific product testing for certification. Additional costs and lead time may result. For information on specific requirements, please call the John Laurence Furniture customer service department.