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3632 Chair
W 31" D 31" H 31"
SH 18" AH 25"

3658 Loveseat
W 56" D 31" H 31"
SH 18" AH 25"

3680 Sofa
W 78" D 31" H 31"
SH 18" AH 25"

Design By
John Laurence

Interior frame:
Hardwood joined by dowels and corner blocks


Reversible seat cushion
tight back over high density,
cold cure polyurethane foam
with dacron over a flexible foundation

Standard finishes:
Refer to finishes page

Custom finishes:
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Ordering Specifications
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Product name,
Product number,
Finish code, Fabric, Quantity,
Freight: FOB, Downey, CA

John Laurence Furniture
7755 Amigos Ave, Ste A
Downey, CA 90242

ALMOND 3632 Chair front
Medium maple finish on maple

ALMOND 3632 Chair back
ALMOND 3632 Chair side